How to download and use the 8BallRuler 1.0

Now there is a new version check how to download and use 8BallRuler 1.1

In this tutorial i am going to show you how to download and use the 8BallRuler. I get a lot of question these days about “How to use the ruler?”. I am working on creating video tutorial but for the mean time lets try this.

In order to use the 8BallRuler it must be installed in your computer. Unfortunately its only for PC. It doesn’t support MACs yet.

To download 8BallRuler Click here
To download Instructions Click here

I have created a instruction manual with the 8BallRuler, but still i get the questions so i thought of posting about it.

  • After downloading just run the Ruler.exe file and install it like any other program. There will be a desktop shortcut called “8 ball ruler”.
  • Before starting 8BallRuler make sure that you are connected to internet. Or else it will exit.
  • Start 8BallRuler using desktop shortcut or from the start menu. 8BallRuler will appear on the right side of your screen.

  • Once the ruler is open you can press F1 to see the shortcuts.

  • This will appear from the top left corner.
  • The most important shortcuts that you must remember is “W”, “Q” and  “R”.
  • To Move the ruler just Click and drag it anywhere you want on the screen.
  • To Rotate the ruler Just Right Click the ruler and move you mouse anywhere on the screen.

In Game Techniques ( Aim Assist )

To use the Ruler in Aim Assist its very easy.

  • First drag the ruler to the ball you want shoot. Keep the rotating line ( line near the words ) near one side of the ball as in the image below.

  • The right click the ruler and rotate it to the hole you want to shoot. That’s it.
  • When shooting just check that the aim line from the game is same as the ruler line.

In Game Techniques ( No Aim Assist )

No aim assist is a little bit tricky.

  • First drag the ruler to the ball you want shoot. ( You can switch the rulers side by pressing “R” )
  • Rotate the ruler to the hole you want shoot.
  • The trick is in how you make the shot. See the image below.

  • While shooting you have check if the ball in the aim line of the game ( White in Color ) is also in the line of the ruler. And you’ve a accurate shot.

In Game Techniques ( Reflections )

My favorite part. After making this application i just want make a reflection of each shot that i get. But remember it cannot be used always. There are things that you have to keep in mind before making a reflection

  • Don’t curve the ball too much. If you do the target ball will spin out off the line.
  • Don’t shoot at the highest power. A little Yellow Red will do the trick.
  • The white ball should be on a green zone compared to the target ball. ( You’ve to decide by your self the ruler can’t show the zones ) see the image below as a reference.

In green zone if you make a shot its 99.9% Accurate. In Yellow zones its 50% – 65%  Accurate and in Red zones its 5% Accurate. So you decide when you are making the shot.

So now you what to keep in mind lets start with reflactor.

  • When the ruler is running press “W” to switch to the Reflector.
  • When you open the ruler and switch to the reflector for the first time it will look like this.

  • That is 4 walls and to aim line. You can Click and drag the walls and the aim line.
  • Press F1 for the shortcuts it will appear just like how it appeared in the ruler.
  • First you need to adjust the walls (Use Arrow Keys to resize walls) to the table and adjust the aimlines (use “X” and “Z” to resize the aimlines) to the ball.
  • After adjusting it should look like this.

  • Now all you have to do is drag the aimline to the target ball.
  • Right click on the wall you want to hit.
  • Move the mouse over that wall. The second aimline will start rotating.
  • When the second aimline is in your target hole click the wall.
  • Its best to use a ruler with an arrow aiming.
  • When shooting check that the game aimline is the same as the Reflector’s aimline. But keeping in mind what i told.
  • And thats how to make a reflective shots using the 8BallRuler.
I hope you guys understood how to use the 8BallRuler.
Your comments are most welcome. Subscribe for the updates.

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  1. Sorry, an error has … idk what says than this:

    The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.

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