How to download and use 8BallRuler v 1.1

This is the version you’ve all been waiting for.

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A New Beta Update. [ Dowload Link ] [UPDATED]

Hi everyone its a long time since i updated the blog. I hope all you guys know the reason for that.

I have decided to make 8BallRuler a free software. As 97% of you guys want it that way. But i will keep a donation button in my blog, I would accept any amount what you’re willing to donate.

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How to download and use the 8BallRuler 1.0

Now there is a new version check how to download and use 8BallRuler 1.1

In this tutorial i am going to show you how to download and use the 8BallRuler. I get a lot of question these days about “How to use the ruler?”. I am working on creating video tutorial but for the mean time lets try this.

In order to use the 8BallRuler it must be installed in your computer. Unfortunately its only for PC. It doesn’t support MACs yet.
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Welcome to 8BallRuler Blog.

Hi everyone welcome to the blog of 8Ballruler.

I hope you know what the 8BallRuler is I will give a little brief  description. 8BallRuler is a application created by me ( aka Blog Admin ) to help the users who play the pool live tour game on facebook. What the application does is helping the users to aim more accurately and even helps the user to make the most difficult shots by reflection.
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